Passport Pop-Up Release by Richmond Magazine

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A flight to the Philippines on April 23 will cost you a cool $600-plus, but fortunately for all of us, the flavor of the islands is coming to Richmond that night, and it’ll only set you back a fraction of the cost. Chef Mike Ledesma, corporate executive chef of Richmond Restaurant Group and the former executive chef of Patina, is launching his Passport Pop-Up series that Sunday evening, showcasing his family recipes and the food he’s always wanted to bring to Richmond’s restaurant scene.

“I’ve been trying to sell lumpia in Richmond for the last five years,” he says. “Now, I think it finally has a little bit of traction.” The chef only showcased his familial cuisine with lumpia, or Filipino egg rolls, at special events such as Broad Appetit, or on the menu of Patina. Beyond that, he’s never put Filipino food in front of guests, until now… Read More